For World Oceans Day, Fishing For Energy Announces Support For Marine Debris Education Programs At Aquariums Across The United States – Yahoo Finance

Fishing for Energy Logo

“We know that aquariums are uniquely positioned to reach a broad audience with critical information and in ways that will make a difference. Specifically, we can address challenges like marine debris and derelict and abandoned fishing gear, which have immediate and easily recognized detrimental impact on the animals, habitats, and resources our visitors are inspired to care for.” With the $150,000 provided by Covanta, three projects were awarded funding under the Fishing for Energy Fund: The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland will increase public awareness of the threats associated with marine debris and derelict fishing gear through the development of a new educational outreach curriculum module. A marine debris-focused “lab” will introduce the topic to classrooms in the Mid-Atlantic region beginning in spring of 2014. Additional focus on the topic will be incorporated into the design of an upcoming exhibit featuring the mid- Atlantic seashore ecosystem, scheduled to open at the National Aquarium in early 2015. The Sea Research Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Mystic Aquarium will expand the Toolkits for Sustainable Oceans, a hands-on traveling outreach program that was initially established by a previous Fishing for Energy grant. The goals of the toolkit program are to increase awareness, motivate people to actively participate in efforts to protect and restore ocean habitat health and provide tangible actions that the public can take to mitigate their impact on ocean health. Updates to the toolkits will highlight private and public partnerships and community-based solutions to marine debris issues and will expand the reach of the program by partnering with the Coast Guard, The American Association of Port Authorities, and the North American Maritime Ministry Association. Original post


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